Ghana’s textile industry threatened

Letica, fabric vendor in Makola Market, Ghanian prints made in China

Letica, fabric vendor in Makola Market, Ghanian prints made in China

Textiles, Garments and Leather Employees Union of Ghana (TGLEU) has sought intervention of the Government in the country’s textile sector.

Appearing on ‘Tea Cup’ programme of Radio Gold, Mr. Abraham Koomson, the general secretary of TGLEU, said the textile industry in Ghana would soon come to a halt if the Government does not intervene to check illegal imports of textiles and clothing materials.

Mr. Koomson, who is also the general secretary of the Ghana Labour Federation, said the Government should take steps to ensure that no textile and apparel imports enter the country without the payment of duties.

He said appropriate authorities in the Ministry of Textiles should take action to check imports of textiles and garments from unapproved entry points, so that the local manufacturers are assured of fair competition, and thereby boost local production.

He said the Government has set up a taskforce to seize pirated textiles and clothing, but that is not enough, and immediate steps need to be taken to stop entry of goods without payment of duties.

If tax evasion is curbed, it will ensure fair competition to the local textile and garment industry, Mr. Koomson said.

Source: Fibre2fashion News Desk – India

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