Apprentice Weaving in Ghana


Praise Jesus Weaving Center, Lawra Ghana, North Eastern Region

Unlike mediaeval Europe, where the Statute of Artificers regulated the duration of apprenticeship, the length of apprenticeship in West Africa is influenced by age, the ability of the apprentice to assimilate lessons and achieve skill competence, the length of the probationary period, the financial status of sponsors and by the specifications in written contracts concerning apprenticeship fees.  Therefor, widespread variations in duration exist within and between trades.

The shortest average length of apprenticeship is twenty-eight months recored for masonry and the longest is for gold-smithing.

In a minority of cases, intelligence and respect for authority have a role to play in when an apprentice completes training.

The duration of a weaving apprenticeship is 34 months.  (International Handbook of Education for the Changing World of Work, Vol. 2)



































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  1. Hi Carol
    What an amazing trip you must be on. I’ve traveled a fair amount in Ghana but haven’t even dreamed of reaching the far corners where you posted this from! Anyway, if it isn’t too late, I would order some fabric. I take it they come off the loom in about a 4 yard piece? If the ones you posted are available then the one third from the bottom. If not, anything in that sort of blue / green aqua color scheme. I assume you trust the postal service?
    Cheers and keep posting!
    Richard Fleming

  2. Hi Carole! It looks and sounds as though you are having a blast in Ghana. I’m so happy for you. I’m interested in some fabric. A 4 yard piece of the image second from the bottom. It looks as though it might be two types, white and light blue, but it’s likely back and front. How did you want to go about handling the order? Let me know the steps. Thanks!

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